Meet the Team

Meet Our Team of Home Builders 

The AVID team is an unforgettable crew with extensive experience designing and building dream homes throughout Central Minnesota. We tackle each job with enthusiasm and are driven by pride in our work.

Our skill isn’t the only thing that makes us special. We take pride in our customer service and aim to be a trusted advisor to our clients, only a short call or text away when they have questions or problems.

Our team is one big family and once you’ve done business with us, you’ll feel like a part of it, too.

    Cody Swenson 


    Cody Swenson has been working in construction since he was 17 years old. After dreaming of opening his own construction company, he spent years learning the trade and started his own company in 2017. In 2019, he officially launched AVID Construction with the support of his wife, Athena, and their four children. 

    Cody believes in the importance of customer service and craftsmanship, and he is dedicated to building a team with the talent and problem-solving skills to help customers build their dreams.

    Athena Swenson 


    Athena is the behind-the-scenes supporter of our crew, ensuring day-to-day operations align with AVID’s business goals. With a background in business and accounting, Athena joined AVID in 2021 as the company’s accountant and general operations leader. She serves as the link between your vision and our crew’s execution, ensuring your experience with AVID is the best it can be. 

    Athena not only drives the success of our crew on the job, but she also manages the crew at home. She, her husband Cody, and their four children enjoy camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors.  

       Working as a Home Contractor

      Join our team of home contractors and enjoy flexible scheduling, learning new skills, and earning competitive pay. Explore your career options with us and see the AVID difference: we make every job site fun, hone our skills each day, and pour our hearts into work we’re proud of.  

      Flexible Scheduling

      Construction crews often face challenging deadlines. At AVID, we work with our crew to ensure schedules leave plenty of room for healthy work-life balance.

      Learn New Skills

      Every day with AVID is a chance to learn something new. Our team members build critical skills to support their long-term careers, like problem-solving, timeline management, and communication.

      Competitive Pay

      New AVID team members can enjoy the same clear communication and transparency we offer our customers. We regularly review, adjust, and update our compensation packages to provide our team with competitive wages.

      Join Our Team 

      See what our crew members have to say about working as remodeling contractors for AVID Construction. 


      Blake is the newest addition to AVID, joining the crew in September 2022 with a year of experience. He is a quick learner and is eager to grow his skills. Blake strives to master daily tasks on the job, as well as to expand his knowledge of the construction trade as a whole. 


      Riley has been with AVID for 3 years. He is the crew DJ and is often responsible for the music played at the jobsite. Riley enjoys the new challenges and variety of work each day with AVID brings. His attention to detail ensures projects run smoothly and are completed with the highest-quality workmanship.    


      Donney has been with AVID for 3 years. With a father in construction, Donney grew up wanting to make a name for himself in the industry as well. He is a great asset to our crew and a hard worker whose jokes help the hard days fly by faster.