Home Additions

Home Remodeling From a HandsOn Contractor 

At AVID Construction, we’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners looking to expand their space. From planning your vision and selecting materials to construction and finishing touches, our team’s skill and experience can guide you to the home addition you’ve always wanted.

Choose AVID for kitchen additions, attic or basement conversions, bump out additions, garage conversions, second story additions, bedroom additions, and more.

Trust AVID for Your Home Addition Project

At AVID, we believe a successful home addition begins when we understand your vision. With the help of our design and architectural partners, we turn your ideas into practical environments that serve your family’s lifestyle and spatial needs. Once the job is underway, we bring you along with regular check-ins to keep you up-to-date on your project’s progress.

Customizable Additions with Hands-On Service

Incorporating a new space into your existing home requires careful planning. From integrating utilities to navigating zoning concerns, AVID remains responsive throughout your project.

Save Money and Get Exactly What You Want

From bathroom expansions to kitchen upgrades, AVID helps execute your ideas without breaking the bank. Our team knows how to save you money without sacrificing your vision.

Consistent Timelines and Quick Turnarounds

With excellent project management and proactive problem-solving, AVID keeps timelines tight and turnaround times short. After you reach out, we can usually add you to our schedule within just two months.

Reasons to Expand Your Space  

Almost a quarter of homeowners in America say they need more space within two years of moving in. Whether you’re looking to add space for a new family member, increase your resale value, or simply improve your comfort, AVID finishes the job with professionalism and superior workmanship.

Add Function to Your Space

Improve your home by increasing its functionality. Add to your kitchen’s available counter space, expand your bathroom’s storage, or design the home office of your dreams with AVID.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Home additions can add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. AVID uses our industry expertise to help you enhance areas that attract quality buyers.

Enjoy Your Home

With so much of our free time spent at home, it’s important you love the look and feel of your space. Get a quote and let AVID be the difference in your upcoming home expansion.